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Guardian Preferred Properties, Inc. is a full service Property Management Company:
We manage Homeowners Associations of all shapes and sizes, as large as 1,000 units and as small as 5.
-Homeowner's Associations (HOAs)
-Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) -Condominums
-Stock Co-op's
-Senior Living Communities
-Business Parks & Office Buildings
At Guardian, all our employees live and work in the Inland Empire, striving to make your home a better place to live!
We focus on property management within the Inland Empire including Riverside, Corona, Norco, Rialto, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley and more!
Guardian is Fully Equipped to Help You
with all Your Association Needs:

-Adopting & Enforcing Rules
-Architectural Design Review
-Board Conflicts
-Internal Dispute Resolution & Alternative Dispute 
-Liabilities & Insurance
-Pet Rules
-Reserve Accounts
-Finding Resident Volunteers
-Community Newsletters
-Violation Letters & Enforcement Fines
-Risk Management
-Development of Disaster Plans
-Developing Bid Specifications & Finding Job Bids
-Electronic Meeting Notices
-Enhancing your Outdoor Spaces
-Providing an on-site Manager
-Filing HOA Property Taxes
-Legal Help from Licensed Attorneys who Specialize in
  HOA Law

Guardian Offers Cost Free Collections:


-Our cost free collection process will get your association the

 money you need to keep your property clean, beautiful and

 running smoothly.

-Guardian can issue late fees and send lien warning letters for  diliquent accounts 

-File a lien against their home 

-In worst case conditions, we will even sell their property for the

 repayment of the unpaid assessments.


What Guardian Manages for You:


-Manage & maintain all your common areas and association  amenities, including:



   -Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball Courts, etc.

   -Parks & Greenbelts

   -Horse Trails

   -Private Lakes


-Guardian also facilitates all termite inspection, landscape 

 maintainence and utility repairs that are included in your

 Homeowner's Association.


Guardian can Run Your Elections,


We Provide:


-Managing Ballot Services, including Secret Ballot 

  envelopes, property specific return envelopes with

  voting rules & newsletter options.

-Return Ballet Service

-Inspector of Election Services


Let Guardian Manage your Finances:


-Guardian can write your budget with our CPA on staff

-Pay all association bills

-Manage bank accounts 

-Bank statements & financial reports available for every

 Board Meeting

-Issue late fees for homeowner's accounts


We can cover all aspects of your finances to make your property management fears fade away!

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